We take pride in assisting organizations and helping communities prepare, recover, and mitigate against natural disasters with assessments, doctrines, tools, guides, and strategies that secure and protect the community. We identify sound approaches to address future risks and vulnerabilities in communities and improve resiliency at state and local levels.


VPC India:

  • Develops disaster preparedness, mitigation and recovery plans and guidelines for all levels of governments.

  • Employs innovative technology techniques and intuitive web design principles that help build strong and lasting partnerships with the government, academia, businesses, and communities.

  • Specializes in preparing user-friendly emergency management related tools, guides, handbooks, brochures and printed materials and other creative visual aids for planning, operations, and training aspects of your programme.

  • Implements efficiency improvement measures across core organizational functions in governments through Training and Capacity Building.

  • Brings experience with over 200 training programmes and workshops at international, national, state, and local levels.

  • Offers a conducive e-learning environment in disaster preparedness and emergency management related courses including course development, delivery and program management.

  • Develops grass-roots level public outreach campaigns tailored to the issue, language, context, and media for specific audiences.

  • Engages and educates stakeholders about the positive impacts of being prepared to face disasters through online courses, seminars, and training programmes.