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VPC Presents at the 2019 India Water Week Conference in New Delhi

VPC planner, Pavatharani Palanisamy, presented her work on “Flood Risk Management of Urban Areas- a Case of Chennai Metropolitan Area” at the India Water Week (IWW) Conference, held September 24th-28th 2019 at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi, India. The Conference was organized by the Ministry of Jal Shakti, Government of India, Department of Water Resources, and Nodal Ministries of Agriculture, Forest and Climate Change, Urban and rural development, and NITI AYOG, among others. Several national and international delegates participated in the conference to share their experience in water management and cooperation. Ms. Palanisamy presented a detailed study on the factors responsible for the causes and effects of 2015 flooding in Chennai and shared a detailed flood vulnerability map for the city highlighting the spatial parameters and identifying the vulnerable areas in Chennai.

VPC’s Pavatharani Palanisamy presents at IWW 2019

In addition to the spatio-temporal land use variables, land cover changes were also analyzed to determine suitable recommendations, strategies, and plans that could be incorporated by the City at various levels of planning. The analysis concluded that changes in land use were the major reasons for flooding, followed by encroachments on water bodies, the disappearance of minor water bodies, improper wetland management, etc. Emphasis was placed on measures that should be included in land management, such as, conducting proper inter-departmental coordination planning, community based management, providing proper structural and non-structural measures to be implemented at the individual household level, the zonal level, and at the city level, with a special focus on implementing green infrastructure strategies like adapting rooftop farming, green streets, proper stormwater network systems, and sustainable urban drainage systems, etc. VPC’s work promotes pro-active preparedness, prevention, mitigation, and recovery planning, along with the sustainable measures, to ensure that cities, or any sized jurisdiction, are more resilient to future disasters.

VPC’s presenter with IWW Chair and Co-Chair

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