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VPC attends the 2018 World Cities Summit Activities in Singapore

Vision Planning and Consulting (VPC) was selected to be a U.S. Department of Commerce delegate to participate in the World Cities Summit, Singapore Water Week and CleanEnviro Summit in Singapore July 8-12, 2018. The objective was to promote U.S. companies in exporting products and services. The Summit explored how cities can be more livable and resilient through better governance and planning, technology and social innovations, as well as collaborations with various stakeholders with other cities.

“Of the three conferences, I particularly enjoyed the World City Summit. The focus was on creating innovative and integrated urban solutions for a more sustainable future through shared vision and active engagement with the public, private, and people sectors. Their showcase of best practices worldwide was enlightening,” said Deepa Srinivasan, VPC’s President.

VPC had the opportunity to network with a large number of organizations at the Summit that drew participants from as many as 125 countries in the areas of urban planning, water, and environment solutions. We worked closely with a local business specialist from the US Commercial Service in Singapore and was able to leverage local relationships. This effort was funded by the Export MD Program’s Office of International Investment and Trade.

“With our experience in disaster preparedness, hazard mitigation, emergency management, resiliency, flood mitigation and vulnerability, we were successful in forging partnerships with international firms on emergency planning efforts. VPC has set the stage and is poised to promote their services internationally as a Maryland company.

For more information contact: Deepa Srinivasan at dsrinivasan@vision-pc.net or 240-893-8719.

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